Places where you have seen the van

SW 5th Street

The van sits on the north side of 5th just before Lombard Ave. This area has a speed limit of 25 mph.

SW 130th Ave

Between SW 22nd St and SW Barlow Rd . This area has a speed limit of 25 mph.

SW Alger Ave.

North bound on Alger Ave., Van on East side of Street between 11th St & 7th St. This is a neighborhood street, speed limit is 25 mph. There are a lot of cars on the street, so the sign & the van are easy to miss. See Trickery Page.

SW Allen Blvd.

East bound just after Hall Blvd, 35 mph down from 45 mph. The van sits in a church parking lot monitoring the eastbound lanes of Allen.

Eastbound between 107th Ave. & Western Ave. 35 mph. Coming down hill east of Hwy 217. Warning sign is in the entrance to the Pepper Tree Inn.

SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy

West bound 35 mph, across the street from the AAA office. Warning sign usually located in front of the US Bank at Laurelwood Ave.

East Bound 35 mph, 9800 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. Parked in the driveway of the business.

Canyon Road

Coming down the hill, 40 mph about 100ft past Benz Park Rd

Coming down the hill just after the 35 mph sign. Usually hiding behind retaining wall. (See photos on Trickery Page)

Going up the hill, 35 mph just past Lexus dealership.

Going up the hill, 40 mph 1/3 and 1/2 way up the hill. Have even seen them park one van right after the other.

SW Cascade Ave.

South Bound after coming off of Hall Blvd, just around corner.

30 mph

SW Cedar Hills Blvd.

Cedar Hills Blvd Approx. 2 blocks north of Walker. West Side of street, South bound. posted 35 mph.

NW Cornell Rd.

Around Sunset High School. Going east on Cornell; you are just entering Beaverton past 143rd at the point of the bleachers. 20 MPH 7 to 5 Mon - Fri. 30 MPH rest of the time.

SW Farmington Rd.

SW Farmington Rd, west bound, warning sign located at 139th. Van located just before Menlo Dr, right at the end of Eichler Park. Coming from the east in the right lane, warning sign is difficult to see. There is a concrete garbage can that obscures view of the warning sign.

SW Hall Blvd.

On SW Hall Blvd., just before SW 5th Ave. Speed Limit is 30 mph.

North of Canyon, going north just past the MAX tracks. 30 MPH here. One thing we noticed here; if the sign is north of the MAX tracks the location is in violation of ORS 810.438 e (B). Sign is about 20 yards shy of the 100 yard requirement.

SW Hart Rd.

Hart Rd. has two dedicated van pads, going both directions, 35 mph.

SW Jamieson Rd.

West bound .3 mile south of Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. Tucked in behind some hedges shielding the van from view to westbound traffic, 25 mph. Sign usually attached to the Beaverton city limit sign.

SW Menlo Dr.

Just north of 6th Ave. Heading north towards Farmington.

Posted limit 25 mph (neighborhood street).

Just north of Allen Blvd. 25 mph

SW Sexton Mt. Dr.

Just west of Murray Blvd.

SW Watson Ave

Between 5 & 6th

SW Western Ave.

The southbound side of Western about 200 yards north of Allen. The officer sits in an unused driveway tucked behind bushes. The speed limit is 35 mph.

SW Wilson Ave.

School Zone, 20 mph, Mon. - Fri. 7 AM to 5 PM

Beaverton Red Light Camera Locations

Cedar Hills Blvd. & Walker Rd.

Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. & Griffith Dr.

Allen Boulevard and Lombard Ave.

Scholls Ferry Rd. and Hall Blvd.

Map from Beaverton’s Website:

UPDATE: Beaverton to upgrade photo equipment: News Story

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We are grateful for your help in compiling a comprehensive list of locations that the vans like to sit. If you know of a location, submit it to us and we will post it here. Let us know the location and the posted limit at that location.

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