We have noticed several instances that are probably on the verge of not complying with regulations set by the State. The signs must be located at a minimum of 100 yards and no more than 400 yards from the van. We have noticed that in most instances they like to put the sign right at that 100 yard mark (305 ft to 350 ft).

We must make sure that Beaverton is complying with the regulations that are set forth for our protection. If you think you know of some instances, drop us an email and we’ll check it out.

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Trickery by BeavertonPhotoRadar

Notice before intersection! Drivers approaching from side streets of intersection received no notification of trap down the street.

Can you see the van? You can after you pass!

Canyon Lane, 25mph

Can we get a smaller sign?! How about not putting it behind a 4x4 post.

Coming down Canyon RD. 40 mph. By the way, this sign was just 101 yards from the van.

Another example of a well positioned photo radar van.

Coming down Canyon RD. 35 mph, right after 40 mph zone.

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On Alger Ave with so many cars it is almost impossible to see the sign in front of the red truck and the van looks like just another car parked in the neighborhood.

It was too easy to see the first version of the sign (see banner at top of page) so let’s make them smaller. At least it is reflective so it show up good at night. That is, if it isn’t hidden behind something.

Have we saved you a few bucks?