New Vans on the road!

Beaverton’s new vans are in working order and are on the road! Both vans were working the bottom of Canyon road tonight until about 10 PM. At night the flash units (I think) have a little red light on top. Makes the van a little easier to see. The “Your Speed” sign is now mounted to the back door of the van.

9/19 New Vans to Hit the Road Soon

Beaverton’s new vans are in, and will be hitting the road soon. Here are a couple of photos of what the new Ford vans look like. Nice smiley face covers over the flash!!

6/17/08: Beaverton to upgrade photo equipment: News Story

Beaverton Photo Radar

Love 'em, or hate 'em. Everyone should be aware and watch out for these vans that we love to hate. Nothing more annoying than someone who sees the van when they are right next to it and slam on their brakes. PEOPLE, you won't get a ticket if you are going the speed limit, or close to it. If the posted limit is 35, you don’t need to go 15 mph!

With your help we are building a comprehensive listing of the locations where the vans are regularly located. With this information we can hope that drivers will become more aware of the surroundings and not be so surprised. With the number of vans on the rise, you WILL be seeing them more often.

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Why this site?

To prevent accidents and save lives. Maybe that is exaggerating a little. How about keeping you from getting a ticket in the mail. One of our best reasons: Safety. Ever been behind someone who slams on their brakes because they don't see the van? This is extremely dangerous not to mention frustrating. Please be aware that the city of Beaverton will ticket you for 10 miles per hour OVER the posted limit. Please be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the posted limit.

We have noticed that the operators of the vans sometimes practice a little bit of trickery to try to catch speeders.

Beaverton and Photo Radar

Since the early 90s Beaverton has been on the leading edge of photo radar. The City of Beaverton was instrumental in bringing photo radar and red light cameras to Oregon. They lobbied the State heavily to get them approved, on a trial basis at first. Starting out with one van, Beaverton quickly expanded to two vans. Once the revenue potential was recognized adding a second van made fiscal sense. Drivers have become more aware of the vans, thus dropping the amount a revenue realized by the city.

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